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How do I login to the Ascension patient portal?

Follow the online instructions to set up your username and password. Verify your identity by entering your pin which is your four-digit birth year. Once you have completed the first-time login, access your Ascension Patient Portal by clicking here or clicking the link above.

How do I register with Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart?

Visit any Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart clinic and sign up at the registration desk to receive an invitation code. You should will receive an e-mail from the “Medical Group Patient Portal”, usually within 30 minutes. Click on the secure link in the e-mail and follow the online instructions to set up your account.

Why choose athenahealth as your physician practice management provider?

Ascension Medical Group is partnering with athenahealth, a best-in-class provider of cloud-based physician practice management and patient communications software. This will improve the way we manage our physician practices in everything from appointment scheduling to billing and payment processing.

What are my visitation rights at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital?

Notice of Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital Patient Visitation Rights As an inpatient/outpatient at Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, you have the right to receive visitors and withdraw your consent for visitors at any time.


How do you get the Ascension portal?

To access your patient portal, you must first find and select the state where you received care. We're committed to providing you with personalized, compassionate care and access to your medical records online. Here you'll find information for Ascension patients.

Does Athena Health have a patient portal app?

Patient portals. Mobile-enabled patient portals make it easier for providers, staff and patients to communicate. They allow patients to check test results, refill prescriptions, review their medical record, view education materials and even check in for appointments—all from their mobile devices.

Is there an app for Ascension portal?

Ascension Online Care on the App Store.

How do I set up a patient portal for Athena Health?

How To Create A Patient Portal Account on Athena for Vida Health MembersClick the Patient Portal link in the email or text message. ... Confirm your email address and enter your password twice. ... Select a security option and then click the Setup button below that option.

Does Athena have an Android app?

See how clinicians are using the athenaOne app A mobile extension of athenaClinicals that frees you to be on call on-the-go and lets you focus on the patient in the moment of care. Hear what users are saying. For many physicians, practicing medicine means spending more time with their desks than their patients.

What is the athenaOne app?

More than just access to information, the mobile app is an extension of athenaClinicals, an EHR solution. athenaOne offers seamless integration with clinical workflows, lets you send a majority of prescriptions, respond to patient cases and more – all from your iPhone or iPad.

Who owns Ascension Medicare Advantage?

Centene CorporationFortune 100, multi-national healthcare company Centene Corporation has partnered with the US' largest Catholic and non-profit health system, Ascension, in order to explore a joint venture to establish a leading Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.

What is Ascension network?

Ascension is one of the largest nonprofit and Catholic health systems in the United States as of 2021. It operates more than 2,600 health care sites in 19 states and Washington, D.C., including 142 hospitals and 40 senior living facilities. It employs more than 142,000 people as of 2021.

How do I access my Ascension email?

Open the My Ascension Employee Portal using the My Advancement Portal link: can now see that two fields need to be filled in for login on the login page.The fields for the username and the password need to be entered in the appropriate fields.More items...

How do I register on Athena?

Registration is easy: Go to on any browser that supports Java applets. or go to any Athena workstation that displays the words "Welcome to Athena" and make sure the login window appears. Click on the Register for an Account button at the bottom of the login window.

How do you use a Patient Portal?

If your provider offers a patient portal, you will need a computer and internet connection to use it. Follow the instructions to register for an account. Once you are in your patient portal, you can click the links to perform basic tasks. You can also communicate with your provider's office in the message center.

How do I reset my athenahealth account?

Enter the email address that you use to log on to the Patient Portal and click “Email Me”. Check your email, read the message that you receive, and click the password reset link in the message. On the Reset Password page, choose how to verify your identity: Receive a call at your home or mobile number.

How to contact Ascension Sacred Heart Bay?

If have questions about your medical records, you can contact the Ascension Sacred Heart Bay's Release of Information office at 850-747-6287. Should you have any difficulty registering for this service or accessing your account, please call our Toll Free Support Hotline at 1-866-735-2963. To register: Click here.

What is the phone number for follow my health?

Should you have difficulty accessing your account, please call our Toll-Free Support Hotline at (877) 621-8014. Historic data for hospital-based data up until September 7, 2018 will continue to be available through your previous Follow My Health Patient Portal here.

How to get invitation code for Ascension?

Visit any Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart clinic and sign up at the registration desk to receive an invitation code. You should will receive an e-mail from the “Medical Group Patient Portal”, usually within 30 minutes.

Does the Ascension Patient Portal include Sacred Heart visits?

Please note that the Ascension Patient Portal does not include records from your Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart visits. To access this information, you will sign up for the Medical Group Patient Portal with these steps:

How to access my Ascension Michigan health information?

To access your health information via an app of your choosing, myASCENSIONMI improves your overall health care experience by providing convenient, streamlined resources to help you better manage your health. We now offer the ability for you to securely connect some of the health management apps you may use (i.e. fitness trackers, dietary trackers, etc.) to your health record. Contact Ascension Michigan Health Connect 1-866-501-DOCS (3627) select option #3 to begin the process of connecting your information to the app.

Where to send comments to Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital?

If you choose, you may put your comments, concerns or grievances in writing and forward to Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, Patient Relations Department, 1101 West University , Rochester, MI 48307. You may also call the Hospital Operator at 248-652-5000 and request to be connected with the director for a specific location/department, the Chief Nursing Officer or the Patient Relations Department.

How old do you have to be to visit Ascension Providence?

Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital recommends that children under the age of 10 not visit without special arrangements for the safety of the visiting children.

What are the rights of a support person?

You have the right to identify a “support person” to act as emotional support or to make decisions regarding visitors. If Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital refuses to accept the support person as the person to make decisions regarding your visitors, Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital must present the decision in writing in your medical record with the specificity for refusal. Restrictions/limitations must be clinically necessary and reasonable, as made by your healthcare team. Examples include, but are not limited to: Infection control issues Interference of patient care Existing court order restricting contact with the patient Disruptive, threatening or violent behavior of any kind by a visitor General health, an intervention/procedure or the privacy of you or your roommate

How long does it take to get a response from Ascension?

For questions or support, please email us at All emails will be answered within 5-6 business days. If your request is regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, please visit our website here.

Does Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital require documentation?

Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital does not require documentation unless more than one person asserts that they are your support person. Refusal to accept the support person with respect to visitation rights will be documented in your medical record, along with the specific basis for the refusal.