baptist health care patient portal

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How to contact Baptist Health South Florida?

Baptist Health is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you want to apply for an open position and need an accommodation to complete the electronic employment application, please contact Human Resources at 786-596-2290 for assistance. Baptist Health South Florida is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

Do you have the patient portal?

With patient portals, the first and foremost thing you will need is a computer and a working internet connection. Create a customized user’s account in the software to avail medical services on your own. Once you enter the patient portal, click on links and products sold by the provider and tap into a new experience.

What is a patient portal in healthcare?

Patient portal applications have become an integral part of the digital transformation of healthcare in America, and certain features, like scheduling and bill payment, are a must-have. February 14, 2022 - With the advent of online retail and e-banking ...

What is the patient web portal?

What is a patient portal? A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as:

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How to Get an Activation Code

If you would like to sign up and don’t have an After Visit summary from your physician or a Baptist Health facility, visit MyChart to get an activation code. Once you have your activation code, you can setup your username and password on the MyChart website .

Login to MyChart

To login to MyChart, visit Once on the page, enter your username and password that you setup when your created your account and click Sign In.

How to Use MyChart

After logging into your MyChart account, hover over the Messaging tab and select “Ask a Question”

What is My Baptist Connect?

The My Baptist Connect website is a safe, private way for Baptist Health patients to stay connected to their personal health information.

Enrollment is easy and free

To enroll, all you need is a secure Personal Information Number, or PIN. We’ll send you a secure PIN by mail after your visit — or we can email it to you as a part of your registration process, if you prefer.

What is a health summary?

Your health summary gives you an immediate, concise, and well-organized summary of your key healthcare information including current health issues, medications, allergies and immunizations . Manage your child’s or another adult’s healthcare (Proxy Access)

Can you send a letter to your primary care provider?

You can send a message to your primary care provider if any follow up questions arise regarding a current health concern. You will also be able to receive letters when needed, including school excuses, work excuses or referral letters.

Does Epic support Internet Explorer?

Because Internet Explorer 11 is the most recent version, Epic will no longer support Internet Explorer 10 or earlier for MyChart.