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What is bread for the city medical clinic?

Since 1974, Bread for the City’s medical clinic has helped to bridge the health care gap for uninsured and low-income adults and children in Washington, DC. Today, over 3,000 patients call Bread for the City their medical home. We provide primary care for all ages.

How many patients does bread for the city see?

Today, over 3,000 patients call Bread for the City their medical home. We provide primary care for all ages. Our dental, vision, and behavioral health clinics only see patients who come to Bread for the City for their primary health care.

What services does bread for the city provide?

We provide primary care for all ages. Our dental, vision, and behavioral health clinics only see patients who come to Bread for the City for their primary health care. This allows our doctors to offer high-quality, coordinated, comprehensive services to every patient.

How do I make a new patient appointment at bread for the city?

Call 202-386-7020 to make a new patient appointment. As an Federally Qualified Health Center ( FQHC), Bread for the City receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.


How many times can you register for grocery delivery?

Deliveries are made Monday-Friday. Each time you sign up, you will receive one delivery. Please register yourself only one time each week and be sure to include your full address and phone number.

What is a social worker case manager?

Social workers and case managers provide client-centered services including intakes, a pre-employment program, a representative payee program, crisis intervention, referrals, case management, and social security and subsidized housing application assistance to our clients.

What is the Juneteenth statement?

Juneteenth Statement. Today Bread for the City joins everyone who commemorates Juneteenth. Remembering Juneteenth allows an annual opportunity for America and American’s to acknowledge the real harm done to Black people during the centuries of enslavement in this country.

What is Bread for the City 2021?

City Council: the Eviction Record Sealing Authority Amendment of 2021 and the Fair Tenant Screening Act of 2021. Both pieces of legislation will benefit low-income housing applicants, particularly people of color, who regularly face discrimination and indignity during the housing application process, the eviction process, and within our criminal justice system.

Who won the Jerrold Scoutt Prize 2021?

Congratulations to Rebecca Lindhurst, she was selected as the 2021 Jerrold Scoutt Prize recipient. It’s awarded to attorneys who have a history of working in the nonprofit sector, especially those providing direct services to low-income communities.

What documents are required for TANF?

Anything bearing child’s name and parent’s current address such as school records, medical bills, rental lease, or TANF documentation . (You will not be able to use the child’s birth certificate, medical card or social security card.) Other documentation may occasionally be required in special cases.

When is Bread for the City 2021?

June 09, 2021. New Partnership with Bread for the City and +One. Bread for the City has recently created a partnership with +One, a nonprofit organization that redirects perfectly healthy food from being discarded a... May 10, 2021.

Who is the supervisor of Bread for the City?

Sharlene Blount (Clothing Room Supervisor) has more than 29 years of service with Bread for the City. Her work has supported both centers, and her previous roles with the organization have included Front Desk Assistant, Clothing Room Coordinator, and Food Program Coordinator.

What would help?

Everyone experiences moments of challenge. Bread for the City offers DC residents an opportunity to fill the gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we do not have any emergency financial assistance. A good place to start is by contacting the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. This program administers financial assistance through the following list of vendors.

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Why do we use ECW?

A: Once a patient has received their first dose, we use eCW to send reminders about coming in for a second dose. That has saved us time from calling, because the follow-up happens automatically. If they didn’t come in, we can send an email about rescheduling another appointment.

What is bread for the city?

Bread for the City is a clinic serving the District of Columbia by providing food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty. In February, we talked with Bread for the City about its COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts, and the transition to telehealth services during the public health emergency.

Can you use eCW to log into CRISP?

A: If it’s during a patient visit, we can use eCW to log into CRISP to get information on test results. We also get alerts every day through the CRISP ENS system with a list of patients and their test results.