camc patient portal

by Jennie Dibbert 10 min read

What is the CAMC patientlink portal?

PatientLink is CAMC’s patient portal. A patient portal allows you to electronically access your health records and other information about your care. Once you are enrolled in PatientLink, you can use it from your computer, tablet or phone. PatientLink is convenient, free and secure.

How do I contact patient financial services at CAMC?

If you have questions about your bill, contact Patient Financial Services at (304) 388-7530 or email us. CAMC Financial Assistance and Emergency Medical Care Policy: Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. (CAMC) is committed to providing quality healthcare to those in need regardless of their ability to pay.

How do I get my results from CAMC?

Results will be available online in CAMC PatientLink or can be mailed to the patient. Results from lab drawings are available via CAMC PatientLink or can be mailed to the patient. Patients can also add their PatientLink account to the Health app available on the Apple iPhone.

How do I request medical records from CAMC?

You can reach the office to request records by calling (304) 388-1308. Please refer to the CAMC Notice of Privacy Practices for more detailed information regarding how medical information about you may be used and disclosed.

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What is CAMCGO app?

The CAMCgo App makes it easy to find CAMC doctors and locations, You can even find directions to CAMC departments when you're at one of our hospitals.

Can you have a virtual visit with 24/7 Care?

Illnesses and injuries never happen when it's convenient. We can help with virtual visits through our 24/7 Care app.