choice rheumatology patient portal

by Deron Jenkins 5 min read

What is rheumatology portal?

Through the online rheumatology portal, patients may update their personal information and complete integrated health forms prior to visiting their doctor. This helps to reduce office waiting times, allowing both staff and patients to make better use of their time.

What is a patient dashboard in rheumatology?

Our fully integrated rheumatology patient portal includes a Patient Dashboard, which offers a summary of all patient information stored within your EMR. This feature allows rheumatology specialists to assess an overview data such as demographics, issues, medications, and more.

What is IMS portal?

IMS’ rheumatology patient portal includes a Current Medications input screen that allows patients to inform you of the medications that they are currently taking. Patients can add data on their medications such as over-the-counter medicines, vitamin supplements, herbal remedies and others. Your patients can also add comments to the data including the reasons for taking that medication and the dosage they are taking.

Can you view lab results online?

Using our rheumatology patient portal software, patients can view their lab results and medical test outcomes online. This helps empower patients and avoids the need for them to wait until their next appointment to receive results, or call your office.

Can a patient upload a photo of their pain?

When patients are experiencing pain, if they can take photos, the Rheumatology Patient Portal allows them to upload photos in order to document and share them with their physician . The rheumatology physician can then note the image showing the pain scale, pain radiation, and areas of pain.

For Rheumatology Patients

RheumChoice is for patients who are about to be prescribed a new medication by their rheumatologist.

Interactive Decision Aid

Our tool helps patients choose a medication that matches their preferences and lifestyle.

Learn The Difference, Make a Choice

RheumChoice showcases medications that are available in Canada and the USA that can be taken in different ways that may have different considerations for your lifestyle, work, or travel.