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What is LCMC Health Patient Portal?

The LCMC Health Patient Portal is an internet application that enables a patient to have secured Web-based access to personal clinical information, as released by the treating physician, and allows secure electronic messaging with participating LCMC physicians. More Info At ››

What is my Patient Portal?

This is a business card with information on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal for staff and providers to hand out to patients. This is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Brochure, which describes what the Patient Portal is and how to access it. This fact sheet describes the MHS GENESIS Cybersecurity transformation.

How do I access my medical records?

  • By routine and administrative access to Health Service Executive (HSE) records
  • Under data protection laws
  • Under the Freedom of Information Act
  • On the basis of a contract between the patient and the medical practitioner or hospital
  • By discovery, in the course of court proceedings

What is patient portal?

The patient portal market was valued at US$ 2,185.71 million in 2019 and it is projected to reach US$ 8,938.75 million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.8% during 2020–2027. According to our latest study on “Patient Portal Market Forecast ...


What is the most popular patient portal?

Top 10 Patient Portal Software By EMRSystemsEpic EHR Software's MyChart.athenahealth EMR Software's athenaCommunicator.PrognoCIS EMR Software.Cerner Specialty Practice Management Software.eClinicalWorks EMR Software's Patient Portal and Healow App.Greenway PrimeSUITE EHR Software.NextGen Healthcare EHR Software.More items...•

What is patient Web portal?

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as: Recent doctor visits. Discharge summaries. Medications.

What is EMR patient portal?

A patient portal that is accessed through a secure login. It includes a Personal Health Record (PHR) and allows your practice and patients to exchange information securely and in full compliance with HIPAA. Having a patient portal is one of the many requirements for Meaningful Use.

Is patient portal an app?

The PatientPORTAL App connects you, the patient, with your healthcare provider. The App enables you to view upcoming appointments and lab results, as well as send and receive secure messages for yourself and any dependents that you may have for easy communication with your provider.

How do you use a patient portal?

If your provider offers a patient portal, you will need a computer and internet connection to use it. Follow the instructions to register for an account. Once you are in your patient portal, you can click the links to perform basic tasks. You can also communicate with your provider's office in the message center.

What types of patient portals are there?

There are two main types of patient portals: a standalone system and an integrated service. Integrated patient portal software functionality usually comes as a part of an EMR system, an EHR system or practice management software. But at their most basic, they're simply web-based tools.

What should be included in a patient portal?

A robust patient portal should include the following features:Clinical summaries.Secure (HIPAA-compliant) messaging.Online bill pay.New patient registration.Ability to update demographic information.Prescription renewals and contact lens ordering.Appointment requests.Appointment reminders.More items...

What information can be accessed through a patient portal?

The features of patient portals may vary, but typically you can securely view and print portions of your medical record, including recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, medications, immunizations, allergies, and most lab results anytime and from anywhere you have Web access.

What is remote patient monitoring used for?

The ability to monitor certain aspects of a patient's health from their own home has become an increasingly popular telehealth option. Remote patient monitoring lets providers manage acute and chronic conditions. And it cuts down on patients' travel costs and infection risk.

Do doctors like patient portals?

The findings, published in the journal Health Affairs, indicate a lack of physician, health system and insurer engagement in promoting portal use—nearly 40% of patients in the study reported not being offered it.

Are patient portals easy to use?

Portals provide physicians with a fast and easy way to communicate with chronically ill patients. They are a place to get complete and more accurate patient information. Portals empower patients to take ownership of their own healthcare, so they remain aware of the entire care process.

Why do patients not use patient portals?

Disadvantages of patient portals result in these lower rates of use. For some people, they avoid using the portals altogether for reasons like security issues, low health literacy, or lack of internet. Even for those who do access their accounts, there are still other disadvantages of patient portals.

You Choose the When and Where

Access to the Portal is on your schedule, whether at home, on vacation, or at another medical office. Use the Portal from anywhere using your computer browser, smartphone or tablet. Manage information 24-7, without waiting. Please be aware that you may be viewing information that has not yet been seen by your physician.

Keep Loved Ones in the Loop

You can provide information to your providers and keep your family informed at the same time. Give authorized family members access to your health information. Access health information online, versus over the phone or in person. Access health information such as: lab results, radiology reports, discharge instructions, health summary and more.

How it works for you

The Patient Health Portal is an online tool that goes a step beyond simply displaying information by helping you manage your healthcare easily and securely.

To gain access follow these steps

Download the registration form. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the form. To get Adobe Reader click here. Print and complete the Patient Health Portal Informed Consent to enroll for the portal.

MyCommunity Health

All patients can login to our patient portal, MyCommunity Health, to review your medical records.

New to MyCommunity Health? Activate Your Account

Locate medical record number (MRN#) on a past billing statement (Account #) or recent visit summary.

MyCommunity Health Mobile App

You can also download an app for your smart phone to access your patient portal.

Apple Health App

The Health app on iPhone & iPod touch acts as one centralized hub for all your health data from various third-party apps and devices such as your Apple watch, run or step trackers, sleep trackers, food diaries, etc. Community Medical Center supports health records on the Health app for Apple iPhones & iPod touch devices.

Your Health in Your Hands

At Conway Medical Center we are dedicated to helping you live a happy, healthy life. Easily managing your health and relationship with CMC is key. With the CMC Care app, your health is in the palm of your hands no matter where you are.

Get the App

Conway Medical Center has an app, CMC Care. CMC Care allows you to easily connect to our resources. Download it today and start living a happier, healthier life.

New Patients

We have developed a simple, easy process for you to create an account for yourself. You can register online or ask your health care provider to email you an invitation at your next visit.