community physicians group patient portal

by Abigail Graham 9 min read

Who is community physicians group?

We are a progressive medical team dedicated to providing compassionate, efficient, and quality primary healthcare to the patients and communities we serve. The Community Physicians Group has nine clinics in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma.

Is there a primary care physician group in Tucson AZ?

Come grow with us! We’re Looking for Physicians! Arizona Community Physicians has immediate openings for Family Practice and Internal Medicine Primary Care Physicians in Tucson, Arizona. We are Arizona’s largest independent physician group.

How do I contact Gentry County Medical Center?

Phone: 479-736-2213 Fax: 479-373-6095 Our Office: 643 E. 3rd St. Gentry, AR 72734 Our Providers: John Caswell, MD Dr. Caswell specializes in medical care for newborns, children, adults, and the elderly.

What is the mycaredot™ patient portal?

This tool is a convenient, free service that provides an alternative to phone calls and office visits when you have non-urgent healthcare needs. With the mycareDOT™ patient portal you can:


What is the app for patient portal?

The PatientPORTAL App connects you, the patient, with your healthcare provider. The App enables you to view upcoming appointments and lab results, as well as send and receive secure messages for yourself and any dependents that you may have for easy communication with your provider.

How do you make a patient portal?

1:212:33Get Started with Your Patient Portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSimply go to your account settings. And select Spanish as your default language your patient portalMoreSimply go to your account settings. And select Spanish as your default language your patient portal will instantly be translated to Manesh. There. You have it now it's time for you to give it a spin.

What is NextMD?

Formerly known as NextMD, the Portal allows patient access to online secure communications with providers at all AHC locations, Personal Health Records, and medication refill requests.

What is FollowMyHealth?

FollowMyHealth is an online tool that gives you anywhere, anytime access to your personal health records. This allows you to take a proactive role in managing your care. Many healthcare providers and physicians use FollowMyHealth as their main engagement platform.

What types of patient portals are there?

There are two main types of patient portals: a standalone system and an integrated service. Integrated patient portal software functionality usually comes as a part of an EMR system, an EHR system or practice management software. But at their most basic, they're simply web-based tools.

Are patient portals easy to use?

Portals provide physicians with a fast and easy way to communicate with chronically ill patients. They are a place to get complete and more accurate patient information. Portals empower patients to take ownership of their own healthcare, so they remain aware of the entire care process.

Is NextMD legitimate?

NextMD is a secure, web-based portal to send an email to your physician for non-urgent medical questions, to request or cancel appointments, to request prescription refills and to receive test results and referrals.

Is NextGen and NextMD the same?

Yes, NextGen has rebranded their patient portal from their old name of NextMD to NextGen Patient Portal.

What is NextGen portal?

What is NextGen Portal? The NextGen Collaboration Portal was developed as part of an initiative to improve submission processing and to foster interaction with Industry. The Portal serves as a central location for submitting submissions, viewing submission statuses, and reviewing communications from the FDA.

Is FollowMyHealth the same as MyChart?

Reviewers felt that MyChart meets the needs of their business better than FollowMyHealth. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that MyChart is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of MyChart over FollowMyHealth.

What companies use FollowMyHealth?

Who uses Allscripts FollowMyHealth?CompanyWebsiteCountryMidMichigan Medical Center-Midlandmidmichigan.orgUnited StatesCommunity Health Systems Incchs.netUnited StatesCalifornia Pacific Medical Group Inc.brownandtoland.comUnited StatesSANTA YNEZ VALLEY COTTAGE HOSPITALcottagehealthsystem.orgUnited States1 more row

Who runs FollowMyHealth?

The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Springfield, Illinois. In March, 2013, Jardogs, LLC was acquired by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc ([1]).

ACP TeleHealth and Portal

ACP TeleHealth Solutions Contact your provider’s office to learn more about our remote telehealth options.

Need to Pay Your Bill?

For identification purposes you need to have your account number to make an online payment. Your account number can be found on your billing statement.

Careers at ACP

Become part of Arizona Community Physicians (ACP), Arizona’s largest and most successful physician-owned medical group. Our dynamic group offers opportunities for professional growth and personal satisfaction. As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome job applicants from all qualified individuals. Come grow with us!

Larry M. Levey Foundation

In honor of the memory of Larry M. Levey, CEO Arizona Community Physicians (1995 – 2015), this foundation is established with the objective of continuing his legacy of promoting the health and welfare of the community of Tucson, Arizona. The foundation shall support endeavors and assist organizations that share these common goals.