crozer patient portal login

by Miller Harvey 8 min read

How do Crozer health patient portals work?

Crozer Health patient portals make it easy for patients to securely access their inpatient and outpatient results and also view and pay bills online. On November 2, 2021, Crozer Health will launch a consolidated patient portal, called HealthLink, for both inpatient and outpatient care.

What's new at Crozer health?

On November 2, 2021, Crozer Health implemented a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system which includes a new patient portal, called Health+Link, for both inpatient and outpatient care.

What is the Crozer digital records system?

This technology enables us to have faster and more convenient access to your records wherever you go within the Crozer Health system and provides you with more efficient and effective care. You can always access your files from your primary care physician’s office.

What is a hospital patient portal?

A hospital patient portal is an online tool that enables patients to access and view the records of care from their hospital encounter. From the portal, patients can download, save, print and share this information.


Healthcare Coverage Guide

Health insurance helps you pay for the healthcare you and your family need, like medicines and check-ups. Crozer Health participates in several programs to ensure your family has access to our services.


Crozer Health partners with MDsave to increase access to care for commercial pay, high-deductible and out-of-pocket patients.

Financial Assistance

At Crozer Health , we provide care to everyone who comes to us for health care, regardless of their ability to pay for services. If you need care but do not have the means to pay, we can help.

Consumer Price Transparency

Crozer Health is committed to making information available to you to help you understand and anticipate your cost of healthcare treatment and services. We are providing a file of our standard charges for all services provided.


If you have questions about your statement, online bill pay, healthcare coverage or financial assistance, we're here to help.

Patient Information

Important information for Crozer Health patients, including how to request an appointment, prepare for your visit and navigate our hospitals.

Visiting Crozer Health

Crozer Healthwelcomes visitors and provides you with the following information concerning locations, transportation information, visiting hours, hospital services and visitor policies.

Request Your Medical Records Online

If you need copies of your medical records, you can easily request them online and have them conveniently mailed to your home or download your files directly to your computer.

Share Your Feedback

If you are a patient or visitor, please use our online form to submit comments, questions or feedback on your experience. A representative will contact you shortly.

Hospital Phone Directories

Note: When calling a department within the hospital, please dial the last four digits of the number.