dohc patient portal

by Britney Zieme 9 min read

How do I get an IPA/DOHC request form?

Electronic Forms: Click here for access to all IPA / DOHC request forms. Provider Portal Account Questions: Call DOHC's Provider Relations Department at 760-320-8814 Ext 1580 if you have questions or want to create a provider portal account. Take advantage of Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC)’s secure, online portal for physicians and other providers.

How do I monitor my child as a DOHC patient?

If your child 12 or younger is a DOHC patient, you can create and monitor an account for them. You may receive an invitation to the portal during your visit to your health care provider’s office.

Who can create a NextGen Patient Portal account?

You can create a NextGen Patient Portal account to communicate with your care team if you’re a DOHC patient age 18 or older and: Your provider uses the portal ( search for your provider and read their profile to learn if they use the NextGen portal, or ask them if they use the portal.) You’re in DOHC’s Case Management program.

Is there a patient portal at Virginia Hospital Center?

Available Now! MyVHC offers one convenient and secure patient portal servicing our patients at Virginia Hospital Center, Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group and Arlington Pediatric Center! MyVHC is a free service that allows you to view your medical information 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


How to Sign Up

To get a username and password, contact the DOHC Provider Relations Department at 760-320-8814 Ext 1580.

Tech Support

Call the DOHC Provider Relations Department if you have trouble logging in or experience other difficulties using the portal.