happy healthy you patient portal

by Miss Freda Moore Jr. 8 min read

What is the Happy Healthy Me Patient Portal?

If this is your first time registering, welcome to your portal. This page is full of information, health and wellness tips, and more! We look forward to providing you with the best care and the best patient portal you could ask for. With your Happy Healthy Me Patient portal, you will be able to access your health information when you need it.

What is the Happy Healthy you program?

"We have created a holistic, simple, achievable program to correct hormonal imbalances and help women lead a happy & healthy life." Happy Healthy You is a comprehensive program to address hormone imbalance.

What's new with happyhealthyme?

We are constantly making improvements to better help your needs. We are including direct booking to your HappyHealthyMe Patient Portal! You will now be able to schedule your own doctor's appointment at a time that is most convenient for you without having to call in!


What is Happy Healthy You?

Happy Healthy You is a comprehensive program to address hormone imbalance. Developed by Dr Jeff Butterworth after 25 years specializing in women’s health and hormonal disorders, this unique program has so far helped over 100,000 women in Australia.

What is Happy Hormones?

Happy Hormones is a unique combination of natural herbs and superfoods. Suitable for women of all ages, it is designed to support a healthy hormonal balance. Wild Yam. Improves progesterone. production, anti-inflammatory. Sage. PMS, Menopause, Anti-inflammatory. Licorice.