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by Isadore Koelpin 5 min read

What services does Iredell health system offer?

Browse our extensive range of health and wellness services. Patient portal, bill pay, cheer cards, COVID-19 visitation, and more. Make a donation to support the services of Iredell Health System.

How do I self enroll in the Iredell Health System portal?

If you know the email address you have on file with Iredell Health System, or you have your Medical Record Number (MRN), you can self enroll. If you don't have access to either, see below to request a portal invitation.

How do I connect to Iredell Memorial Hospital’s health record?

The Apple Health app is already connected to Iredell Memorial Hospital’s health record. You must have a HealtheLife account to view your information in Apple Health. Once enrolled in HealtheLife, you may connect to your health records via Apple Health App.

When did Iredell Memorial Hospital become a health system?

About Iredell Health System. What began in 1954 as a small community hospital has grown into a thriving nonprofit health system that is locally owned and managed. Volunteer at Iredell. Our volunteers have provided service to Iredell Memorial Hospital since 1954 and continue to be a vital asset to patients, family, visitors and employees.


Can't self-enroll? There are three ways to request a portal invitation from Iredell Physician Network

Online, by clicking here. This is a link to a simple form we will use to email you an invitation.

Apple Health

The Apple Health app is connected to Iredell Memorial Hospital’s health record. You must have a HealtheLife account to view your information in Apple Health.

How to make a long distance call to a hospital?

To make a long-distance call within the 704 area code, dial 8-0, then the number. For calls outside the 704 area, dial 8-0-0, then the area code and number. After you have completed dialing, a long-distance operator will ask for the charge information. You can receive calls directly to your room from inside or outside the hospital.

What should be labeled with your name in a hospital?

When not in use, dentures, eyeglasses, etc., should be placed in protective containers. Large items, such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs, should be labeled with your name. The hospital cannot be responsible for the loss or breakage of personal items kept in your room.

Jodi N. Stutts, MD

Dr. Jodi Stutts focuses on children ages 6 and up, adolescents, young adults and elderly patients.

Kristie Smith, MSN, FNP

Kristie Smith is a family nurse practitioner with over a decade of experience. Her approach to medical care

Lori Sumner, PA-C

Lori Sumner has called Mooresville home for more than 15 years. She has over 25 years of experience in primary and acute care medicine. She believes in promoting preventive healthcare and wellness.