johns creek primary care patient portal

by Shawna Rice Sr. 6 min read

What is the Emory Johns Creek Hospital?

Emory Johns Creek Hospital supports award-winning centers and programs that advance the science of medicine while providing outstanding patient care. Some of these centers include the Emory Bariatrics Center at Johns Creek, Breast Imaging Center, Hyperbarics and Wound Care Services and the Birth Center.

What to say to a hospital staff member who is entrusting care to us?

Thank you for entrusting your care to us. We’re honored you’ve chosen us to be your hospital, and, on behalf of our entire staff, our sincere wishes for your speedy recovery.

What is caring in healthcare?

Caring: We demonstrate concern and compassion for our patients and their families, treating each person with dignity as we attend to the needs of the mind, body, and spirit.

Is Emory Johns Creek Hospital a world class hospital?

Thank you for choosing Emory Johns Creek Hospital. We are a world-class academic medical center right here in your community. Our physicians, nurses, and staff consider it an honor and a privilege to care for you, our neighbors, friends and family members. We consider ourselves more than a hospital, we consider ourselves vital members of our community.