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by Prof. Brandt Brekke PhD 7 min read

Why Lakeland Regional Health Patient portals?

At Lakeland Regional Health, we want to stay connected with you on your path to wellness. That’s why we offer convenient access to your health information through Patient Portals. Please select the right portal for you. On February 1, 2022, Lakeland Regional Health Physician Group's patient portal transitioned to MyChart.

How do I access my health records online?

Access your health records online and manage your health 24/7 with Lutheran Health Network's MyHealthHome, our online patient portal. It's a simple, secure, free and convenient way to: Review your records and even download, fax or email information

How do I view my patient’s report and images?

View your patients’ entire exam history to access the report and images you want. View reports directly within the portal, as soon as they are completed and signed. View full DICOM images directly within your browser.

What forms of payment does lrhmc accept?

LRHMC accepts online payments using credit/debit card and e-check. Financial Counseling assistance is available to all patients by calling our Customer Service Department at 844.930.0464, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m – 5 p.m.


Patient Portal

On November 1, 2020, our payment software will be upgraded. The new link to pay hospital bills is http://www.personapay.com/LRH/login.

Patient Portal

At Lakeland Regional Health, we want to stay connected with you on your path to wellness.

Prepare for an Exam

Get exam preparation instructions so you’re ready for your appointment.

Minimizing Radiation

We take patient safety seriously & strive to use only the radiation necessary.

Online Scheduling

No time to call for an appointment? Just complete our Online Scheduling Form and we’ll call you within one business day.

What happens if my insurance pays for my hospital bill?

If your insurance pays all but a deductible or co-payment, you will be required to pay an estimate of your portion of the bill at the time of service. The hospital will file the claim for you. After insurance has made payment, you will receive a bill asking for payment on the balance using cash, check, or credit card.

Does a hospital bill your insurance company?

The hospital will bill your insurance company directly (unless you specify otherwise), you are ultimately responsible for making certain that your bill is paid. If a balance remains after your insurance has issued a payment or a denial, payment is due immediately upon receipt of your statement.

Concierge Scheduling

We make it easy! When you send an order though any of our connection interfaces we will contact your patient to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.


Connecting with us is simple. Whether you’re looking for your patients report, want to send us clinical or patient information, we provide several innovative solutions to make this, and even more happen. To learn more or discover which option is right for you, contact your Provider Service Representative.


Our subspecialists are experts in their field and dedicated to providing quality patient care. Whether you have a quick question, would like to discuss findings with a radiologist or need to clarify patient information, we offer multiple ways to securely share and collaborate on any clinical or business matter.

Your Partner In Success

Your Provider Service Representative is your partner in success. They are available to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding our equipment and services - they are also available to help you get up and running with any of our connectivity options.