mammoth hospital patient portal

by Darien Fay 3 min read

How to contact Mammoth Hospital?

You may contact them at 760-924-4080 or 1-800-753-0414 or by visiting a Patient Financial Counselor at Mammoth Hospital.

How to get a copy of Mammoth Hospital financial assistance policy?

Mammoth Hospital Financial Assistance Policy and Application are available by calling Patient Financial Services at 760-924-4080 or 1-800-753-0414 and requesting a copy by mail or email. Copies of the policy and application are also available at Admissions and Patient Financial Service areas at Mammoth Hospital.

What is the phone number for a patient financial counselor?

Patient Financial Counselor are available to address patient questions at (760) 924-4148 or (800) 753-0414. To obtain the most accurate estimate possible the patient’s insurance information, if any, as well as a detailed description of the requested service (physician order preferred) are necessary.

Does Mammoth Hospital offer financial assistance?

Mammoth Hospital —offers financial assistance through its Financial Assistance Policy to patients unable to pay for emergency or medically necessary care.

Who bill you separately for services in Mono County?

Outside service providers, Mono County paramedics, and outside reference laboratories will bill you separately for their services.

Does Mammoth Hospital accept Medicare?

Mammoth Hospital gladly accepts all major private insurance plans as well as Medicare, Medi-Cal and a number of other government programs. If you have insurance, we will file your insurance claim for you if we are provided with complete and accurate information.