nextcare patient portal

by Dr. Janie McGlynn PhD 7 min read

Why choose nextcare urgent care?

At NextCare, we strive to be available for our patients and make the process of an urgent care visit as simple and seamless as we can. Our Online Check-In system allows you to book your time, skip the line, and show up to the clinic when your room is ready.

What is a Netcare patient portal?

Patient Portal The Netcare patient portal is an online tool that has been created to enable your personal healthcare management. This online tool enables you to provide Netcare with your relevant personal information as well as to the convenience of completing a pre-admission to a Netcare hospital at a time that suits you.

How do I login to the patient portal?

To access the patient portal, you are required to do a once-off registration, using: A one-time-pin (OTP) driven password is used for each login so that your information remains private and secure. Upon first login to your patient portal account, a tutorial will guide you through the portal.

What kind of tests do they do at nextcare urgent care?

Depending on your reason for visiting, our staff may need to perform diagnostic tests like x-rays, bloodwork, or EKG to help you get the treatment you need. You can find all the things we treat at NextCare Urgent Care on our What We Treat page.


What to Expect

You want to get on the path to wellness quickly, and we want to help you get there. Knowing what to expect for your visit helps our team get you seen, diagnosed, and treated so you can get back to living your life.

Affordable, Immediate Health Care

NextCare accepts all major insurance companies and plans to ensure you get the professional, compassionate care you need when feeling great just can’t wait.

Ready To Feel Better?

Whenever you feel under the weather, trust NextCare to get you the care you need. With locations in 10 states, we are ready to help you get better and get back to living your life.