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by Prof. Einar Gusikowski IV 4 min read

What is the difference between St Mary and MyHealth patient portals?

St. Mary has two easy-to-use, secure portals, one for your physician’s office and one to give you access to your medical records from hospital services. Note: Please call 9-1-1 if you have a medical emergency. MyHealth Patient Portals are not for medical emergencies.

How do I access the MyHealth patient portal for physician offices?

Need help accessing the MyHealth patient portal for physician offices? Contact your healthcare provider’s office or call 215.710.5423 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Learn more about the MyHealth Patient Portal for Physician Offices from the FAQs on this site.

How do I contact the patient portal support center?

For technical questions and support, contact our patient portal support center at 989-907-8982. Please leave your name, number and brief description of your patient portal issue or question, and we will return your call as soon as possible. Support is available Monday through Friday, from 7 am - 5 pm.

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Welcome to Saint Mary's!

As a 170-bed full-service hospital located in Russellville, Arkansas, we provide a comprehensive range of medical services and high quality care. We are a forward thinking, innovative hospital where trust, teamwork and technology come together to make a positive difference in the health of our community and region.

How long does it take for a QIO to decide on a non-coverage claim?

The QIO will decide within one day after it receives the necessary information.

What is caregiver identity?

Caregiver Identity: You are entitled to know who is responsible for and who is providing your direct care, are entitled to receive information concerning your continuing health needs and alternatives for meeting those needs, and to be involved your care and discharge planning, if appropriate.

How to contact FollowMyHealth?

For technical questions and support, contact our patient portal support center at 989-907-8982.

What is the responsibility of a medical practitioner?

You have the responsibility to provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications , and other matters relating to your health. You have the responsibility to report unexpected changes in your condition to the responsible practitioner. You are responsible for making it known whether you clearly comprehend a contemplated course of action and what is expected of you.

What is the right to access medical records?

Access, Review and Amendment of Medical Record: You have the right to access, review, and amend information contained in your medical record. You are entitled to inspect, or receive for a reasonable fee, a copy of your medical record upon request.

What is the right to be free from restraints?

You have the right to be free from restraints unless it is necessary to protect you or others. Pain Management: You have the right to have your pain managed. Consent and Refusal: You are entitled to refuse treatment to the extent provided by law and to be informed of the consequences of that refusal.

What are the rights of a patient?

Patient's Rights. Respect and Dignity: You have the right to have your dignity as an individual human being recognized and respected. Your cultural and spiritual beliefs, values, traditions and rituals are held in reverence, and to the extent possible, are integrated into your care.