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How do I login to Saint Peter's healthcare system patient portals?

To login to Saint Peter's Healthcare System Patient Portals, just click below to login. With our Inpatient Portal (Change Healthcare) you will be able to: View results, medications, problems and other information related to the inpatient stay.

What is included in the patient portals?

The patient portals for St. Peter's Health Partner provides you, our valued patient, online access to your health information from either an outpatient doctor's visit or an inpatient hospital stay. Health information may include blood test results, radiology results, your medical diagnoses, and more.

Why do I need my Own Patient Portal?

If you are a St. Peter’s Health patient wanting electronic access to another adult’s health care information, you must have your own Patient Portal prior to filling out a Patient Portal Proxy Registration form.

How do I sign up for a patient portal account?

There are two ways to sign up for a Patient Portal account: Visit a St. Peter’s Health location and fill out a Patient Portal Registration form. You must sign and complete ID verification in person Sign up for a Patient Portal online. IMPORTANT NOTE: An email must reside on your medical record in order for this to succeed.


How to log into a patient portal?

How Do I Login to the Patient Portal? 1 Click login to the Patient Portal 2 Enter your Login ID, which is the email address you provided at the doctor's office 3 Enter your temporary password you received at your office visit 4 Click Login 5 Create a new password and answer the two hint questions 6 Click Edit Patient Account 7 Click Preferred Method of Contact 8 Check the box, Yes, I want to receive secure messages 9 Click Submit to complete your registration.

What to communicate with a provider's office?

Communicate with a provider's office with questions, requests for medication refills and scheduling questions

What to do if you think you have a medical emergency?

If you think you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. All visitors must pass health screening for COVID-19 symptoms, continue to follow social distancing, masking procedures and practice hand hygiene.

Is a hospital stay emotional?

We understand that a hospital stay may be an emotional experience. Each member of our staff—regardless of position—is personally committed to making your stay the most positive experience possible, for you and your family. At the same time, if you have any concerns or a problem, please speak with your nurse or nurse manager immediately. No issue is too small for our prompt attention.

Your New Patient Portal is Here!

St. Peter's Health Partners has transitioned to a new patient portal – Trinity Health MyChart – to better meet your needs. Any new information from visits to a St. Peter's Health Partners doctor’s office or hospital from May 8 and beyond, including prescription refills, visit notes and lab results, will now be in your new MyChart patient portal.

New Patient Portal Coming Soon!

St. Peter's Health Partners is transitioning to a new patient portal – Trinity Health MyChart – in May 2021. After the transition, any new information, including prescription refills, visit notes and lab results, will be in your new MyChart patient portal.

What is Trinity Health?

About Trinity Health. Trinity Health is the parent company of your local health provider. Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states.

Is Trinity Health moving to electronic health records?

All Trinity Health facilities are moving to a new electronic health record and billing system that will allow us to better meet your needs. St. Peter's Health Partners made this change in May 2021. Our previous patient portals are still accessible but as read-only.


Already Have A Patient Portal account?

  • Access your Patient Portal Patient Portal for the visually impaired Your log on ID and password can be reset by using the links on the Patient Portal logon page. This will also unlock a locked Patient Portal. When these requests are made the information entered must match your Patient …
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Accessing Other Patient’S Health Care Information

  • If you are an adult (Proxy) wanting electronic access to another patient's health care information through a Patient Portal, a Patient Portal Proxy Registrationmust be filled out and submitted. If you are a parent who would like this access for a child, please click hereand learn more before filling out the proxy registration form.
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Registration Forms

  • An individual Patient Portal Registration Form is a legal document completed by by an adult patient giving St. Peter's Health permission to create a Patient Portal. A Patient Portal Proxy Registration form is a legal document completed by an adult patient giving a designated adult (Proxy) permission to access their health care information electronically. The proxy agrees to ad…
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