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Who are the board certified neurosurgeons in Savannah GA?

The board certified neurosurgeons include dr wirth, dr bishop, dr ammar, dr baker, dr cannon, dr horn, dr howington, dr lindley, dr suh and dr thompson. READ OUR STATEMENT ON COVID-19 4 E. Jackson Blvd • Savannah, GA 31405

How do I take advantage of online patient portal services?

Take advantage of the online services offered by our practice with the assurance that all of your information is encrypted and stored securely. After you create your account, you will receive an e-mail from us that includes your user ID and a link back to our patient portal .

What is the physician network-primary care patient portal?

Our Physician Network - Primary Care Patient Portal offers you better communication with your physician's office by providing convenient, around the clock access from the comfort and privacy of your own home. View your latest test results, see your current medications and even send and receive messages from your physician's office.


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Physician Network - Primary Care Patient Portal

iConnect is for hospital-based services. If you are looking for the SJ/C Physician Network (formerly Medical Group) portal, that hasn't changed.

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