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How do I schedule an appointment with SHAC?

Scheduling an appointment is easy! Call 503.725.2800 or use the online Patient Portal. For a medication refill call your pharmacy or contact SHAC’s main line. The Patient Portal is a secure portal allowing students to communicate with Health Services. A Student Health Fee covers most Medical and Counseling Services at SHAC.

How do I access the myshac patient portal?

To access this system, visit the “mySHAC” online patient portal and log in using your Carleton Username and Password. When you receive a secure message from SHAC staff, a notification directing you to the web portal will appear in your e-mail account. You will be notified via an email with the subject line “ mySHAC Patient Portal: New Message .”

How do I contact SHAC through email?

Since email is not a secure medium, SHAC uses a protected e-messaging system for students to communicate confidentially with medical and counseling staff at SHAC. To access this system, visit the “mySHAC” online patient portal and log in using your Carleton Username and Password.

Does SHAC charge for health insurance?

A Student Health Fee covers most Medical and Counseling Services at SHAC. However, there are some services that incur an additional cost. For students with private insurance (i.e. are not on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan) these charges are billed to the student’s PSU account. Is SHAC Closed?


Hours & Directions to Clinic

Our free medical clinic operates every Wednesday from 5:30PM to 10:00PM, with appointments starting at 5:30pm.

What We Offer

SHAC Medical Clinic provides a wide range of primary care services for free including:

Patient Portal

Online Medical appointment scheduling – reserve medical appointments online, 24/7, for greater convenience

TUTORIALS: How to use mySHAC

Please watch the following tutorial videos for more information about the mySHAC patient portal.

What is the phone number for SHAC?

Please call the SHAC main line at 503.725.2800 if you have any questions. Students taking 1-4 credits: Please call 503.725.2800 to schedule your vaccine. Students taking 5+ credits: Schedule your appointment through the Patient Portal.

How to use the secure patient portal?

There are a variety of ways to utilize the secure online Patient Portal: Update your profile information, schedule and cancel routine appointments, update your health history, view and print referrals, review messages by providers and SHAC staff, complete forms, scan and upload your current insurance card,

What is SHAC in Portland?

Portland State's Center for Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) is excited to launch a new comprehensive Transgender Health Care Resource Guide that provides students with FAQs, access information, services provided at SHAC, community resources and more!

Does HS prescribe pain medication?

Prescription Refills (Please be aware that HS does NOT prescribe or refill certain types of medications) Note: HS does NOT prescribe narcotic pain medications, sleep medications, stimulants, or psych medications. Call to speak to a nurse if you have questions.

What is the phone number for Shac?

There will be no clinic access from the Pharmacy. SHAC Phone: (505) 277-3136 | After-Hours: Medical-Option 2 and Counseling-Option 3. SHAC Hours are subject to change. SHAC is closed on all official UNM holidays.

Where is the SHAC located?

UNM SHAC is located on Main Campus north of Johnson Center and across the mall from (east of) the Student Union Building. (See map below.) SHAC provides quality health and counseling services to all UNM students to foster student success. Fees charged at SHAC are much lower than community rates. SHAC is funded in part by student activity fees.

How to upload insurance to a patient portal?

To upload your insurance: Log into your patient portal. Click the third tab labeled "Insurance". Click the blue tab labeled "Add New". Fill in the required fields: Insurance Company. Policy Number. Group Number. Scroll down and click the blue tab labeled "A dd".

Do you have to activate your SHSU email?

You must activate your SHSU email before you can log in. SHSU requires to submit all medical information through our Patient Portal. Our Patient Portal allows you to upload documents from your smartphone.