southwestern medical center patient portal

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How to access patient portal?

Access Patient Portal. Click Settings > Patient Portal . The Patient Portal Dashboard page launches in a web browser. An alternate way to access the Patient Portal is to: Open a web browser and type in the address bar. Click For Doctors on the bottom. The Patient Portal landing page opens. Click Sign in on the upper right.

How secure is your patient portal?

You also may be able to view:

  • Test results
  • Visit summaries
  • Your medical history including allergies, immunizations, and medicines
  • Patient-education articles

How to become a southwest medical patient?

What can I do to help in Haiti?

  • Share this to help raise awareness
  • Sign up to receive emails from Doctors Without Borders
  • Donate now to support Doctors Without Borders work in Haiti and around the world

Do you have the patient portal?

With patient portals, the first and foremost thing you will need is a computer and a working internet connection. Create a customized user’s account in the software to avail medical services on your own. Once you enter the patient portal, click on links and products sold by the provider and tap into a new experience.


What is SVHC portal?

SVHC's interactive web portals give patients and their families easy, secure access to their health information. They also provide quick, online communication with staff. Because the information comes directly from your medical record, you can be sure it’s up-to-date.

What is Southwestern Vermont?

Southwestern Vermont Health Care is a comprehensive health system servicing Bennington and Windham Counties in Vermont, eastern Rensselaer and Washington Counties in New York, and northern Berkshire County in Massachusetts. Making a gift helps improve health care for our community.

What to do if you have a medical emergency?

If this is a medical emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

What is Southwest Medical Center's patient portal?

Southwest Medical Center’s Patient Portal is an online tool which allows you to manage your care information from the comfort of home. This portal serves as another method of communication for patients and our hospital and care centers to use. All Patient Portal features, including online bill pay, are available now using smart devices.

How to access Southwest Medical Center?

To gain access, you will first need to contact Medical Records at (620) 629-6230 for information about how to set up your account. Once Medical Records has set up your account, you can access your e-mail for a one-time user name, password, and link to the Portal from Southwest Medical Center Patient Portal. You can click on the link in your e-mail to enter this information , then set up your new user name and password. Returning users can access their account through the log in button below. The Patient Portal does not support the Internet Explorer web browser. Please use a different web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.

What is the fax number for medical records?

The forms below will need to be completed and returned to the Medical Records department to establish access. If you fax – (620)629-2427 – or email these forms, please attach a valid photo identification.

Where does the patient portal come from?

All information in the Patient Portal comes from your Electronic Health Record with Southwest Medical Center and/or Southwest Professional Physicians Clinics. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. You will first need to contact Medical Records at (620) 629-6230 to find out how to set up your Patient Portal account.

Can family members access patient portal?

Can my family access my Patient Portal? Yes, you can give family members, such as parents or healthcare proxies, access to your Patient Portal. This needs to be done within your healthcare facility and requires consent from you and your family member (s).

Can you copy and paste a patient portal password?

Yes. Patient Portal passwords are encrypted and URLs are re-written so that they cannot be copied and pasted. You and authorized family members are the only ones who can access your Patient Portal. Also, a timeout feature protects your information if you leave the Patient Portal page open.

What is the phone number for UT Southwestern?

Please call the MyChart HelpLine during normal business hours at 214-648-8888 if you have any questions about your MyChart account that are not addressed here. Please remember that MyChart is a tool to enhance your health care experience at UT Southwestern. If you have an urgent matter or question about your health condition, always contact your UT Southwestern clinic directly by telephone.

How old do you have to be to enroll in UT Southwestern?

All new patients (18 years and older) to UT Southwestern will be automatically enrolled. If you are a patient and currently not using MyChart but wish to, simple contact your provider's clinic and they will enroll you.

How to reset MyChart password?

At the sign-in screen for MyChart click “Forgot password”. You will be asked for some information and then the password “hint” you created while enrolling will be emailed to you.

What is a MyChart?

MyChart is your personal on-line health resource that allows you to communicate with your healthcare providers, request appointments and prescription renewals, and access portions of your UT Southwestern electronic medical record using an encrypted, secure internet connection.

How does Hello Patient work?

Hello Patient works with the MyChart app on your smartphone to assist with the arrival and check-in process for your appointment. Hello Patient uses geographical location information to allow you to check in once you’ve arrived at your provider’s building. To use Hello Patient, you must have the MyChart mobile app installed on your smartphone.

How to enroll in MyChart?

To enroll in MyChart, ask a UT Southwestern provider during a visit. Our staff can help patients enroll, as well as set up authorizations to release lab results and respond to prescription renewal requests through MyChart.

What is the phone number for MyChart?

If you have questions or would like more information, call the MyChart HelpLine during business hours at 214-648-8888.

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Welcome to Southwestern Medical Center

At Southwestern Medical Center, we understand you have a choice when it comes to meeting your healthcare needs. Through continuous quality improvements and constantly reassessing our community’s healthcare needs, we are always seeking new ways to enhance our hospital’s services and technology.

What is patient portal?

The Patient Portal is secure online access to portions of your personal health records. Helping you to better manage your health information, we give you access to up-to-date health records, medication history, upcoming appointments, discharge instructions, billing information and more.

Why is NMC bringing a patient portal?

By bringing a Patient Portal to NMC we are increasing continuity of care with our patients, while also providing them ease and convenience. We feel if we give patients the tools to better manage their health information online, from home, work or out of town, we are taking that extra step to keep them healthy and happy.

What is proxy access?

Proxy Access: If you have given someone access to your Patient Portal account – called proxy access – your proxies will be able to view the detailed visit notes and records, including information that may be considered sensitive.

What is NMC portal?

NMC’s Portal covers all NMC hospital services as well as NMC’s physician and specialty practices.

What is the phone number for a health information management team?

If you have any questions, talk to your Primary Care Provider, Ordering provider or call our Health Information Management team at 524-1060.

Is it safe to log in to a medical website?

Yes, when you log in you enter a secure site that is designed for the transfer of medical information.