st john river district patient portal

by Conner Hackett 9 min read

How do I access my Patient Portal?

To access your patient portal, you must first find and select the state where you received care. We’re committed to providing you with personalized, compassionate care and access to your medical records online. Here you’ll find information for Ascension patients.

Is there a patient portal for Ascension hospitals?

Patient Portal information for Ascension River District Hospital. Patient Portal information for Ascension St. John Hospital. Ascension currently offers patient portal options for the hospitals above. Please select your hospital to view your portals.

What are the services provided by St John’s Medical College Hospital?

St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore provides the following services, on its Online Patient Portal; 1. View Out-Patient (OP) visit details 2. View and download specific laboratory reports Access to this service will be available to all registered patients with due verification of credentials.

How to register online in St John’s Medical College Hospital?

All existing patient of St. John’s Medical College Hospital, can register online with mobile number registered at the hospital and hospital (MRD) number in the space provided. You will receive an OTP for verification which needs to be keyed into the space provided.


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