sunlife patient portal

by Isaac Jacobson 8 min read

Why choose Sun Life Health?

At Sun Life Health, the focus is on the whole patient and making sure the treatment programs developed for each patient have the best chance for success.

How can I Manage my benefits online with my Sun Life?

Manage your benefits, savings and investment plans online with my Sun Life. It’s password-protected, convenient and paperless. Not registered? Register now Take advantage of the many self-service options and useful resources on the my Sun Life website. Submit health and dental claims and see your claims statements and claims history.

How do I request an appointment with Sun Life?

Here's two links you can use to request an appointment online. Pick the option that works best for you. (The healow portal takes you back to where you select your provider. Once there, click on the Send Request button in the lower right hand and let us know your preferences.) Not a Sun Life patient yet and want to be ?

What online services does Sun Life Direct offer?

Convenient online services that include daily direct deposit, coverage look up, online payment statements, and online dental estimates. Don’t have a Sun Life Direct account? Contact us to register.


Welcome to Sun Life Direct

Simplify the work of managing your dental practice with Sun Life Direct. Focus on what you care about most: your patients. Take advantage of convenient online services for payments and estimates — and get the word out to new patients about your practice.

Why create a Custom Profile in provider search?

As a busy health-care professional, you have a lot on your to do list: retaining your patients, attracting new patients, running your practice, the list goes on!