tennessee river dermatology patient portal

by Keshaun Krajcik 4 min read

Why choose Tennessee River dermatology?

That’s why Tennessee River Dermatology provides only the highest quality skin care, whether you’re considering an advanced procedure or in need of a simple check-up. For a warm, caring, and complete dermatology experience in the North Alabama area, make an appointment and pay us a visit.

How do I Activate my Riverchase dermatology portal?

During your visit to Riverchase Dermatology, be sure to provide a valid email address and ask for portal activation. You will be sent an email that expires in 72 hours. This e-mail will include your log-on which is your e-mail address, and a link to verify your last name and date of birth.

What is your pocket patient portal?

Your Pocket Patient Portal is a free, password-protected, App service that allows you to securely access and review your Riverchase Dermatology health information. What kind of information is available to me in my Pocket Patient Portal?


Need help with your patient portal account?

Please complete the form below to contact us with any questions or comments. All inquiries will be handled in the strictest confidence.

Need to make a payment?

We provide this service to our patients at no charge so you can access and pay for your dermatology services online conveniently and securely.

My Health Information

The Tests and Results tab provides quick and convenient access to your lab or test results. We always encourage you to speak directly with your provider about any new results that appear in your medical record.

Appointment & Visit Info

The Visit Records tab allows you to select a specific date to read the finalized visit notes.

Compose Message

The Compose Message tab allows you to send a secure electronic message directly to your doctor’s staff. Please allow 24 business hours for a reply. If it is an urgent message, we recommend you call our office directly.