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What is the phone number for Trinity Health?

Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group - Chicopee. Back to Location Results. Phone and Address. 413-594-3111. 444 Montgomery Street. Chicopee, Massachusetts 01020. Get Directions. Show Map.

Do you have the patient portal?

With patient portals, the first and foremost thing you will need is a computer and a working internet connection. Create a customized user’s account in the software to avail medical services on your own. Once you enter the patient portal, click on links and products sold by the provider and tap into a new experience.

What is my Patient Portal?

This is a business card with information on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal for staff and providers to hand out to patients. This is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Brochure, which describes what the Patient Portal is and how to access it. This fact sheet describes the MHS GENESIS Cybersecurity transformation.

What is a patient portal in healthcare?

Patient portal applications have become an integral part of the digital transformation of healthcare in America, and certain features, like scheduling and bill payment, are a must-have. February 14, 2022 - With the advent of online retail and e-banking ...


Welcome to the online patient portal access page, where you can find links to your medical records for Trinity Hospital Twin City and Trinity Medical Group

For your convenience, Trinity Hospital Twin City and Trinity Medical Group provide secure, online patient portals. These secure website portals will help you manage your personal healthcare. You will be able to keep track of your healthcare provider visits, test results, billing information, prescriptions, and more.

How To Register for Patient Portal Access

To register for your patient portal account for the hospital, please provide your photo identification and your e-mail address to one of our friendly patient registration professionals. The registration desks are located directly across from the main entrance of the hospital.

What is MyCare?

Thanks to secure technology, it is possible to view health summaries from the MyCare electronic health record, access most test results, and review trusted health information resources. Whether you are looking to manage a medical condition, review test results or pay your bill, MyCare is the tool for you.

How to sign up for MyCare

Trinity Health Of New England patients are encouraged to register for MyCare, a service providing free, personalized, and secure online access to portions of their medical records. This service allows patients to safely receive and manage information about their health.

Additional Information

Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your most common concerns. If you have additional questions, our MyCare Support team is available to assist. Please email us at We are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 7am – 4pm. Email responses may take up to 3 business days.

Accessing Your Data through Third-Party Applications

You have the option to access your health data through certain third-party applications. The applications listed below are already connected to our health record. Please check back here as applications are added regularly.

Online Access to Your Personal Health Information

At the hospital patient portal, you can access read-only medical information through our secure server. This includes educational materials, information on your current medications, allergies, immunizations, health issues, and lab test results. All information is pulled directly from your electronic health records.

Get Your Medical Records in the Apple Health App on iPhone

If you are having trouble using the patient portal or logging in, contact our 24/7 support line at (877) 621-8014.