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What are the benefits of patient portal?

With a patient portal, you can:

  • Make appointments (non-urgent)
  • Request referrals
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Check benefits
  • Update insurance or contact information
  • Make payments to your provider's office
  • Complete forms
  • Ask questions through secure e-mail

Do you have a patient portal?

Yes we have a patient portal. You can schedule appointments, access lab results, request refills, view medical records, and send messages directly to your provider. You can learn more here.

What is my Patient Portal?

This is a business card with information on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal for staff and providers to hand out to patients. This is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Brochure, which describes what the Patient Portal is and how to access it. This fact sheet describes the MHS GENESIS Cybersecurity transformation.

Do you have the patient portal?

With patient portals, the first and foremost thing you will need is a computer and a working internet connection. Create a customized user’s account in the software to avail medical services on your own. Once you enter the patient portal, click on links and products sold by the provider and tap into a new experience.


Who can access my medical records?

Your medical records are confidential. Nobody else is allowed to see them unless they: Are a relevant healthcare professional. Have your written permission.

What is the app for patient portal?

The PatientPORTAL App connects you, the patient, with your healthcare provider. The App enables you to view upcoming appointments and lab results, as well as send and receive secure messages for yourself and any dependents that you may have for easy communication with your provider.

What is the patient portal Florida?

Florida Health Connect Support Florida Health Connect is a patient portal that is free to everyone receiving services at any local county health department. The portal allows you to more actively engage with your care team at a time that works best for you.

How do I get my medical records in Florida?

In order to obtain your medical records, you should send a written request via certified mail to the last known address of the physician (you can find a physician's last known address on their Practitioner Profile).

Do doctors like patient portals?

The findings, published in the journal Health Affairs, indicate a lack of physician, health system and insurer engagement in promoting portal use—nearly 40% of patients in the study reported not being offered it.

Why do patients not use patient portals?

Disadvantages of patient portals result in these lower rates of use. For some people, they avoid using the portals altogether for reasons like security issues, low health literacy, or lack of internet. Even for those who do access their accounts, there are still other disadvantages of patient portals.

Does Florida have MyChart?

Patients will need to download the MyChart Mobile app provided by Epic Systems from their app store and then select UFHealth to set up and sign in to their account. Using MyChart Mobile, patients can: View upcoming and past appointments. Schedule appointments in primary care clinics.

How do you make a patient portal?

1:212:33Get Started with Your Patient Portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSimply go to your account settings. And select Spanish as your default language your patient portalMoreSimply go to your account settings. And select Spanish as your default language your patient portal will instantly be translated to Manesh. There. You have it now it's time for you to give it a spin.

Who owns Florida Medical Clinic?

Juliette Anais Tamayo, 54, the owner of Miami-based clinic Sunshine Medical Care Group Inc. (Sunshine), was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga of the Southern District of Florida. Judge Altonaga also ordered Tamayo to pay $2.5 million in restitution.

Can I get my medical records for free in Florida?

There is no fee charged for patients who request a copy of their own records. A fee is charged if the requestor is not the patient or the patient's representative. Call Medical Records for details.

How long are medical records kept in Florida?

five yearsHow long must I keep medical records? According to Florida law, a physician is responsible for maintaining records for at least five years (64B8-10.002).

How long does it take to get medical records in Florida?

within 30 daysUpon your request, your health care provider must give you a copy of your medical record in a timely manner, usually within 30 days. They must also let you see your medical record if you ask. Your health care provider is allowed to charge you for copies.

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You can send a message to the medical team, request prescription refills, and check the status of your bill in a personalized patient portal 24/7.


Patients will be considered a new patient on their initial visit once ATHENAHEALTH is launched. You will have to input your health information into the new system, even if you have entered the information in a previous visit.