jackson clinic patient portal

by Amos Bosco 9 min read

What is jacksonconnect?

At Jackson Hospital and The Jackson Clinic, we believe every patient should have easy, instant access to his or her health information at any time. Through JacksonCONNECT, you can review your health history, access your test results and much more—online, anytime.

How do I get a chart from Jackson clinic?

If you are not a current Jackson Clinic patient a chart will have to be created for you. Once the contact center agent creates your chart with a phone number and email address, you will receive an email within the next few minutes.

What is myjacksonhealth?

What is MyJacksonHealth? MyJacksonHealth is a private web portal designed for you to access your personal medical information, making it easy to stay connected and manage your health. How much does it cost?

Why choose the Jackson clinic?

The Jackson Clinic is the area’s largest multi-specialty clinic. With more providers and specialties, we provide care that’s both exceptional and accessible.


Access Your Records Online

Jackson Medical Group now has a secure Patient Portal allowing you to review your historical, demographic, and laboratory information. As our electronic health record functionality expands, we’ll continue to add more features.

New Users

If you are interested in signing up for access to the Patient Portal, please do so by submitting your name and email address to Jackson Medical Group at info@jacksonmedicalgroup.com. Your account will then be enabled and you will receive an email confirmation of activation that will include your login information.

Problems or Questions?

Please email us at info@jacksonmedicalgroup.com and we’ll be happy to assist.