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by Janessa Abshire 7 min read

How do I access my Patient Portal?

You Choose the When and the Where

  • Use the Portal from anywhere using a browser
  • Access from your smartphone or tablet
  • Manage information 24X7, without waiting

How to access patient portal?

Access Patient Portal. Click Settings > Patient Portal . The Patient Portal Dashboard page launches in a web browser. An alternate way to access the Patient Portal is to: Open a web browser and type in the address bar. Click For Doctors on the bottom. The Patient Portal landing page opens. Click Sign in on the upper right.

How to use your patient portal?

  • Download the free 'MEDITECH MHealth' app from the Apple Store or Google Play (depending on your device).
  • Once it has downloaded, open the app. ...
  • Click on the app again, and then select 'Connected Care Patient Portal.'
  • Enter your login ID and password
  • From the app home screen you will now be able to access your health information.

How to register for patient portal?

How to Register and Activate Your Portal Account: 1. Portal sign up can be done on a computer or mobile device. a. If using a mobile device, you must switch to full site mode to access registration. 2. Go to a. This will launch the Patient Portal. 3. New Users: Click on the green Register and Activate Now Button


Two Ways to Create Your MyHealthHome Account

Enrollment Invitation – Mat-Su Regional Medical Center will send a text and / or email to the email address and / or cell phone number you provided upon registration to the hospital. Follow the instructions in that message to create your account.

Connect to your MyHealthHome Account

If you have already signed up for MyHealthHome, click here to login to your account.

Note to previous Portal Users

Previous Portal Users will need to create an account with MyHealthHome in order to continue accessing their personal health information. Information contained in the previous patient portal can still be accessed by contacting your local hospital. Click here for information on how to do that.

Customer Support

Click here for technical support if you have difficulty registering for or using MyHealthHome.

What we will do

We’ll learn about your medical history so we can prevent things before they become serious. Having the complete picture will help us provide better care for you.

What we want you to do

We’ll learn about your medical history so we can look out for things before they might happen. Try to be as complete and honest as you can so that together we can make the best decisions.