perry memorial hospital patient portal

by Rebeka Metz 3 min read

How do I contact Perry County Memorial Hospital's medical records department?

If you have questions about your medical records, or feel that an error has been made, please contact Perry County Memorial Hospital’s Medical Records Department at 573.768.3263. You must provide your email address upon registration during your visit at PCMH.

What is the patient portal and how do I use it?

Our patient portal is available to you so you can access your medical records electronically. Having this electronic access through your personal, secured email will allow you the ability to review your medical record. This access provides you with information, including but not limited to: Medical procedures completed. Medical history.

What can I do in the mymemorialconnection patient portal?

By using your MyMemorialConnection patient portal account, you may view, download or request the following: A portion of your medical records and health history List of current medications, allergies, immunizations Request a prescription refill and send to pharmacy of choice

How do I self-enroll for the memorial patient portal?

If you have been a patient at Memorial Hospital or Memorial Physician Clinics after 2014, you can self-enroll for the Memorial patient portal, myMemorialConnection. Just click here to enroll!


How to enroll in the patient portal?

To enroll in the patient portal, you must receive services at one of our locations. To create an account, you may self-enroll here. Alternatively, you may contact the location where you received care and tell them you would like to make an account. Registration requires an email and a valid ID.

How are messages sent to your provider's office transferred?

All messages sent to your provider’s office are transferred via a secure server compliant with HIPAA standards.

What is the RWJBarnabas portal?

The RWJBarnabas Health Patient Portal is a free service that provides convenient access to your personal health care information in a secure online environment. With the patient portal, you can view select test results, access your medical records and track your health information.

Can you access read only medical records?

At the hospital patient portal, you can access read-only medical information through our secure server. This includes educational materials, information on your current medications, allergies, immunizations, health issues, and lab test results. All information is pulled directly from your electronic health records. Due to the sensitive nature of radiology and pathology test results, these are not available on the patient portal and must be obtained through the hospital’s Health Information Department.

Is RWJBarnabas Health a centralized portal?

RWJBarnabas Health is in the process transitioning all of our hospitals to a centralized patient portal called MyChart where all hospitals’ records will eventually be contained within one system for your convenience. Please be assured that you will always have access to your medical records.